Saturday, August 8, 2009

customer relations

Around here, we're eager to teach Lucy Life Skills. It helps that so much of her play is mimicking things we do all the time (we go to Papa's house! We go to the bank! We pretend to be a midwife and check the baby's heartbeat!).

A current favorite is the "Let's go to the bookstore" game. It involves getting out the baby monitor, collecting a laundry basket full of board books, and then coming over to me. Sometimes Lucy is the clerk, and sometimes she's the customer. Whoever is the clerk takes the baby monitor and clicks the volume button (beep! just like a scanner! Yes, Lucy figured that one out all on her own). Then the clerk says how much you owe ("That one two dollar.") and wish you a very nice day out.

Today Dyami was the clerk, and included some consumer savvy in the script:

"Oh, and this book is three ninety-five. Will that be all for you?"
"Huh, yeah."
"Do you have a store credit card? Would you like to open one today and save fifteen percent?"
(Enthusiasm) "Huh, yeah!"
"No, see, Lucy. They always try to get you to take a card. You should say, "No, thanks." "Would you like to open a store credit card?"
(Enthusiasm) "No, thank you!"
"And what about an extended warranty?
(Cautious). No, thank you."
But it's only $25.99 and includes protection if your purchase gets wet."
(Enthusiasm) "Huh, yeah!"
"No, we never get the warranty, either, Lucy. They'll always try to up-sell you."
"Me want play Uno."

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Anonymous said...

Lucy wisely sees right through your so-called edutainment.