Tuesday, August 25, 2009

let's be honest: one can always complain.

I have nothing to complain about, this pregnancy. Really. Next-to-no vomiting! Sleeping great! That weird back pain I had last time? Now it's more diffuse and less, well, pain-y.

But. Because I know you want to know:
  • Itchiness. Mostly solved by avoiding anything with a waistband. Note: This cuts down on the wardrobe. Plus the undergarment options. But! The itchiness is solved! Mostly!
  • That one ligament on the right side, where I can be standing still and feel like I have the worst side-ache known to marathoners? Ready for that one to stop being kicked.
  • That under-water feeling when I stand still? Along with the side-ache? Apparently the four iron pills I'm taking are not enough.
  • Also. The pills. Enough already. Switched to a once-a-day prenatal, which I think is the best invention ever, except I'm skeptical that it actually contains the RDA of all the stuff I'm supposed to take. But--I'm "taking" "all" of my "prenatals"! So I don't care if they actually contain the RDA! *
  • Apparently, one can mimic gastric bypass surgery with a strategically placed baby. Please, don't ask what happens when I exceed my stomach capacity. Urp.
  • That creaking sensation in my hips. There is a lot of flexing and stretching going on, which is awesome during labor but less awesome when you're squatting to hold your three-year-old over the drinking fountain.
  • Sleeping with a body pillow is less than ideal when it's hot.
  • Kind of miss exercising. No, really.
  • Standing up and sitting down. Argh.
  • Softened brain, lost neurons. Sorry for the forgetfulness, everyone!
Okay! Enough complaints. In general, I like pregnancy a lot more the second time around, because I'm not panicking about the forthcoming baby! Well, I am, but in a more knowledgeable sort of way. Informed panic is the way to go.

*Read this awesome book called "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth", and noted that the medical study that established the need for folic acid supplementation showed that there was improvement in neural tube defects when the folic acid was taken from conception to 2 weeks or so. Question: Why am I still taking folic acid? Hmmmm? Also: Why have I never really succeeded in actually taking the folic acid when it would make some difference?

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