Tuesday, September 22, 2009


People keep asking if I'm ready to have the baby.
Today, I am a little bit more ready.

For anyone who hasn't heard about my fabulous husband and bro-in-law* and our awesome family business, today is a Banner Day.
We released version 2.0 of our software, Dragon Stop Motion.
You should buy a copy! So what if you don't even know what stop motion animation is! It's just kick-ass software that you should be able to find a use for! It has a pencil/line/eraser tool that is great for entertaining toddlers for about 10 minutes, so it's well worth the cost.
Okay, don't buy it. But do go look at the website. It's so pretty! And professional!
And go read the manual I wrote for it! Because you know you love reading manuals for software you're never going to use!

Anyway, you're wondering what releasing version 2.0 has to do with me having a baby.
Let's just say I'm glad that the software is released and for sale several weeks before a whole other boatload of work begins. And I actually finished writing and proofing the manual before my brain disappeared for several months.

This is very good news. If the baby waits until her entirely fictitious due date, we might even have some time to relax and enjoy ourselves before her arrival.

Like I said, it's a banner day.

*Special props go out to Jamie for his well-deserved Emmy award for the title sequence to United States of Tara. You can see it here.

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Melissa said...

*happy dance*

Except you don't want to see ME dancing. You should just do your own not-rhythmically-challenged happy dance.