Friday, September 4, 2009


Nesting has started. There is about a month to a baby. So. I'm packing up some non-essentials on our bookcases in our bedroom to make room for things like diapers and wipes and clothing. All important stuff.
But the first stuff I chose to put in boxes was my collection of lit mags I've been published in. Plus my MFA thesis (a manuscript of short stories) from SDSU.
I'm a pretty pragmatic person, stuff-wise. Sometimes to a fault. But though I do not need this stuff to be out on a daily basis, it feels a little too symbolic to pack it all into a box, seal it with tape and put it onto a top shelf in our garage.
I will get this stuff out again, right? Or at least use it, somehow, even though the physical realness of it is literally in cold storage?
To make the symbolism complete, I am packing my literary accomplishments in an old Pampers box. Sigh.

I am glad that I started work on a promising essay a few days ago, and that a good friend suggested a market for another essay recently. Otherwise, the cold storage would feel like an especially ominous omen.


Melissa said...

You could frame your published essays and hang them on the walls, and then they wouldn't take up precious shelf space! Maybe!

But of course you're only putting the symbols of your writing in storage, not your actual writing gift. Of course.

Diana said...

Only a phase. Because, hopefully, new baby won't need diapers and wipes forever, and when those shelves are empty again, you're bound to have lots of new writing to fill them once more.

Heather said...

Yes! You're right! And I know better this time that it's a season, not a lifetime. However, I think I have a much better sense this time of how much changes in a few weeks. And how little brain space I'll have. But! I also have extra richness coming into my life, which is awesome.