Friday, September 18, 2009

the world according to Lucy

Every day, Lucy says things that make me stop and reflect on just how awesome and hilarious the learning of language is. I keep thinking I need to post them, if only to preserve them for when someone is giving toasts at her wedding. So, a few Lucy-isms.

  • Bathing suit is baby suit. Even I get to wear a baby suit.
  • Dried banana is dried manna. In case you need to take a snack on a long walk through the desert. Oh, wait.
  • Also in the biblical vein: Zaccheus, that short tax-collector, is Zucchius. But not Zucchini, as Dyami tried to tell her.
  • A vacuum cleaner is a vapping cleaner. Also: her vapping cleaner is a walking toy: a purple elephant on wheels. Top that, Dyson.
  • A few alternative lyrics: "I've been working on the weird-road" and "Little Miss Muffet, sat on a puffet, eating her turds on the way."
  • When we get in the car, her favorite reading material is the Thomas Guide map, about which, when it's placed in her lap, she says, "Look! The Bi-ble!" Then she asks us who the Bible is about, and answers for herself: "Jesus and God."
    Some might say the map/Bible connection is fitting. I'll leave that to you decide.
  • After a performance (tap-dancing on the hearth, an improvised song on her guitar), Lucy says, "Thank yoooou, thank youuu." At first, she needed a cup of water to gesture with during the thank-you, as if she were giving a toast. I'm not sure what lounge lizard taught her this.
  • Also after a performance, she bows, which means closing her eyes tight and (barely) tipping her head forwards.
So there you go: a short album of Lucy's awesomeness.

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Anne said...

I heard the "turds on the way" bit today...hilarious!