Monday, September 28, 2009


Lucy is in a big name-invention phase.

There are the names she gives to inanimate objects: Bouvis, her rocking horse, not to be confused with Bouvey, her monkey.

There are the names she gives to new "tricks" or "games" she's invented: "IwannagetitIwannagetit" is the straightforward name of the game where you throw something and then run towards it and yell, "I wanna get it! I wanna get it!" Then there are the less decipherable names, kind of like when Fletch invents his pseudonyms on the spot: "This game called...Saolobphonaca." Then, two minutes later, the same game is called "Saolononinanpie"

There are the names of her alter egos. This morning it was Poppy (better than Volva, which she was one afternoon). Poppy's main characteristic was that she SPOKE IN A REALLY LOUD VOICE. As in, "My name POPPY! I USE LOUD VOICE!"

And then there are the names she gives me. Lately they've been recognizable names, such as Mavis.

It's awesome when I can't figure out exactly how to pronounce Lucy's names. Then it's like we're in the "Art Dealers" sketches from Saturday Night Live. Here's a sample:
L: "You named Nuni."
H: "Nooney?"
L: "No. Nuni."
H: "Newney?"
L: "No. Nuni."
H: "You mean, Nuney?"
L: Exasperated. "Nuni."

Next she'll be asking me to use the glass-enclosed bathroom or to hire a European butler of indeterminate gender.

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