Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a discerning palate

For a while now, Lucy has been a bit picky about what she wants to eat. I'm guessing it's a phase, and that eventually, she won't insist on eating ham every night for dinner. She'll try (barely) her dinner, and then HAM! MAY I HAVE HAM PLEASE? Even if it's something she asked for, earlier.

Anyway, yesterday I made pot roast, and she complained that I had the temerity to cook something other than pasta or ham. I mean, what was I thinking?
No, she did not use the word "temerity".
After the requisite tiny bite of meat, potato, carrot, I gave up and got her some ham. Then I served myself some salad: mixed greens from our CSA.
At which point, Lucy looked over. Pointed at a round leaf. "What's that?"
"It's baby bok choy," I said.
"Can I have some?"
I blinked a few times. Then I handed her a leaf, and went to find more of them in the salad bag. Because why argue with a kid who is asking for salad greens?
But really, Lucy? You won't have a bit of cooked carrot, but you request bok choy and eat it happily???

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