Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wow, it worked.

The too-tired Lucy melted down tonight as D took her out of her bath. The cause? He put conditioner in her hair earlier in the bath after she said she didn't want "shampoo" in her hair. When the bathtime was over, he got a delayed reaction to his failure to follow directions.

It was a doozy. Standing, stark naked in her bedroom, face red, screaming that she wanted it OUT OF HER HAIR GOING TO TAKE IT OUT PULLING IT OUT NO SHAMPOO while taking her hands and yanking (not too hard, but I was afraid there for a minute).

I pulled her into my lap and took the bath towel and said, "Should I wipe it all off with the towel?"
And just as suddenly as it started, the tantrum was over. She nodded, breathed with me a few times as I tried to finish calming her down, then said, "momma, I have a big runny nose. I need to wipe it."

So I "wiped off" all the "shampoo" and got the girl a tissue. And then put her to bed. Quickly, before there was another meltdown.

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Anne said...

Oh wow...and at the same time, over at our house, a much too tired Gia was throwing a tantrum over the one pea that Dave stole off of her plate. "I HAD SPECIAL PLANS FOR THAT ONE!!!". The tears, the drama, the heartache that very special pea brought to our lives! I think she pines for it still.