Thursday, January 6, 2011


Question: What am I this year?

Re-solved, a jigsaw, comfortingly puzzling?
Solved: a caper from 221 B?
Resolved, resolute, resold, resoled, solid, solvent?

Shall I decide to decide which?
Or dissolve the solving? Embrace/Accepting?
May the solving be solid fun,
The resolving soluble, the resolutions resolute.


Heather said...

Can you tell I have a wee problem with resolutions? I never know what to resolve.

Anonymous said...

re-solved. I like the idea that we are a puzzle with more than one solution. Continuing to puzzle out the next solution.

Ms. Monet said...

I love the word play! I was pondering re-solving too but didn't post about it. It seems that if we have solved it once, the re-solving should be that much simpler, no?

Melissa said...

I am dissolved, resolving again now.

ayala said...

I love the word play as well!

Anonymous said...

Comfortingly puzzing...a good way to be.

Anonymous said...

I love the word play too. May "the solving be solid fun" indeed!