Monday, January 31, 2011

keystone kops at the playground

Toddler goes up the play structure. I follow up one step, two, until the first platform. Toddler (who has done slides all by her very self, thank you very much) heads to the slide, pauses.
I think: I should be at the bottom to catch her.
I think: No, I should go down the slide with her.
I think: No, she loves doing it herself! And (not to compare, but comparing) my other child won't even look at a slide. I want to encourage her!
I think: I'll feel awful if she gets hurt.
I think: I worry too much!
I think: Don't remind me of all the stuff I should be worrying about.
I think: She'll be fine!
I think: But all the mommies will judge me if my toddler bites it going down a slide.
I think: Really, you're worried about that?
I think: I'll just run down really quick and catch her!

Then, I think: Oh, crap, she's going.

So I grab her and we go down together. Which was fun, too. But perhaps would have been more fun without the mutliple personality disorder.

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