Sunday, March 27, 2011

and even better

I unloaded stuff on Craigslist today: an old changing table we were done with (not just done, but Done, like we don't want to have it in our house anymore), and the bucket car seat we used for Julia and Lucy. Plus, we installed some shelves and picked paint colors, and can I tell you, I feel fabulous? Like I look around and I see signs of taking care of myself, of choosing to make things more useful and beautiful.

In less successful news, I came up with an idea for rearranging the girl's room that would improve flow and storage and cuteness. I showed Dyami, and he said, "Have you asked Lucy?"

At which point I realized: not only had I completely forgotten about her, but her opinion was unlikely to be positive. She is not a fan of changing things.

So: I asked, and was rebuffed (even after a compelling Visio presentation). However: we are painting soon, and I think I need one of the pieces of furniture she's not using, and perhaps we might just rearrange everything while we're at it.

Or maybe I'll just let the poor girl have her opinion, and let go of my plans. But not the Visio drawing, because that's pretty slick.

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