Sunday, March 20, 2011

less is more...perhaps

I'm kind of minimalist when it comes to buying toys. Either minimalist, or frugal, or insert some other (probably less complimentary) adjective. I mean, I see my child playing most creatively with things like cardboard boxes and dirt, so I'm not always convinced that I need to spend a bunch of money on toys that might limit her resourcefulness. (Note: I do try to have a lot of say, craft stuff on hand, and copious books, and nice toys, when I do buy them).

The toys we do have come in two groups. Those used over and over. And some lovely toys that are hardly ever used. The ones that are used over and over aren't much of a problem. But the ones that never get used, well, I start resenting their clutter. Because like some kind of perverse math, the less they are played with, the more their small pieces scatter throughout the house.

Today I put some thought into what wasn't working, and thought: hmmm. Small pieces. That I hate picking up, so they tend to go into a bin. Where they don't look attractive. So.

I put three quarters of them into a box (for rotating, not giving away). I put the rest, assembled, onto our shelves. Spaced.

I think I hesitated to get even more minimalist with our toys. I mean, really, it's kind of embarrassing how few toys we have. But perhaps if I only have enough that I don't poke my eyes out reassembling them during cleanup, they might actually get used.

And if they don't, well, perhaps I'll talk with Lucy about putting them in that other kind of box...for passing on.

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