Wednesday, March 9, 2011

can I vent?

So after being sick way too long, I am finally all better! For one day!

And then this morning, Julia woke up with green snot coming out of her nose.

Can we all just sigh together? Loudly?

The thing I hate most about being sick is that we get locked inside the house for weeks waiting for us all to be better so we don't infect our beloved friends.
Except when we get better, we go out and get infected.
So: perhaps I should just give up and be a shut-in. At least then I'd have energy and not feel like crap.

Are there any odds that
a) the green snot is something else? Like teething?
b) I might not get sick, at least, even if my children do?

To b) I'd say no, because Julia already gave me a bunch of slimy open mouth kisses today. Which were lovely and all, but are losing their charm the longer we are sick.

Sigh. and Sigh again.

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