Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So I'm pretty proud of myself.
I've been a lay on my left, nurse on my left (and vice-versa) kind of mom the past nine months. I tried the mix-and-match position (nursing from the upper boob) unsucessfully early on, and felt like I was going to either suffocate my baby or put my back out. Problem solved: I never tried again.
Well, problem mostly solved. Except for when I needed to switch sides, and Dyami was in the other side of the bed, and it was a big pain to switch, and not safe to nurse her so she was facing the edge of the mattress.
But two nights ago, at three am, I thought, What the hell? and just rolled over a bit, like it described in my breastfeeding book (entitled So that's what they're for!). And it worked! Lucy nursed, I was only moderately uncomfortable, she got full and slept for more hours! And no Chinese fire drill in the middle of the night!
So now I'm not just doing it in the wee hours, but just when I'm lazy, putting her to sleep. I feel all skilled and such.
It only took nine months, people. Pretty soon I'm going to be pumping and getting her to fall sleep on her own without the boob. And learning the French horn. And jujitsu.
It could happen.

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