Sunday, August 5, 2007


Okay, I thought of something else to post.
I read this book called Organic Houskeeping and it was quite good, quite informative, and a little disturbing. (Two nuggets of info for ya: the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest item in your house! Dirtier than the toilet! Dishwashing it does no good! Also, plastic cutting boards trap bacteria on them! And also, diswashing/microwaving/handwashing does no good! Whereas wooden cutting boards actually kill bacteria!)
Needless to say I threw away my sponge and plastic cutting boards. I also implemented a fewother suggestions (to get away from bleaching my sink).
But as with any other Self Improvement/How To..../Change Your Life and Get Rich Quick Book I read, I started going off the deep end a little.
Started makes it sound like I have prevented this from happening.
See, the woman is really into composting. Worm composting, to be exact. And I'm really thinking about getting me some worms for my own private decay salad. 'Cause we throw away a lot of food waste that could be made into great compost! It's a large part of the waste stream! And we're getting all green anyway, so why not invest in invertabrates, too?
I have to be careful, because there are some notorious (though lovable) eccentrics in my family. We all have a tendancy to over-invest ourselves in New Projects. And Trying to Prove Something. Dyami's side is no better: no one except him actually has a job! And they live in a chicken coop to boot!
So I'm always a little worried that I'm really going to Fly off the Handle. And Overdo.
Except those worms! And that compost! And that greening effect!
I'm going to order a pamphlet. To start. And see where that leads.

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Diana said...

I'm the same. I read a save the earth book and all of a sudden I was saving my shower water. For about two weeks. Until I realized how much time I was devoting to my shower water. Baby steps, always.