Sunday, August 5, 2007


It has been a long time since I've posted.
Not sure why...perhaps it's that I've been working on my thesis and another short story and that's about all the writing juice I've had in me? That's probably it.
I'm sorry, poor dear abandoned readers!
Here's the news for today:
Dyami is out in the car, trying to get Lucy to fall asleep for the night. She has never fallen asleep in the car before for bedtime (only for naps). However, I will be taking a class at SDSU this semester, and will be gone late and for a long time (I'll leave at 6:30, and probably get back after 9, best case scenario).
It's a little scary that I will be gone, and having alternate ways for her to fall asleep would really help.
Okay: the update. She's in the car, asleep. It's a little odd. She's not in her bed. And we're going to have to move her at some point. I don't think that will go over that well.

The thing about kids is that any time you do something new, you think, well, how's that possibly going to work? For example, when Lucy was taking three naps, I thought, well, how is she ever going to switch to two, when she can't even go two hours without napping? And then, one day, she couldn't fall asleep after two hours. It took three, and then four, and then, lo and behold, two naps.
Hopefully this is one of those new things that on the face of it seems like a really bad idea but might actually work. It kind of has to, since I already paid for classes and I really want to get this degree done. One class more!

I'm a little tired today, and I'm not being either pity or entertaining. I'm sorry, poor readers. I'm out of practice.
We're going to have to get back on the blog bandwagon.
All aboard.

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