Wednesday, August 22, 2007

making and breaking

So I encouraged Lucy to make a super-cute habit!
If she's on my lap and I nuzzle her a little bit, she'll lean forward, eyes half closed, open her mouth and gum the end of my nose.
The first time she did it, I laughed so hard that it pretty much ensured she'd do it until she's sixteen. ("Mom, can I borrow the car? Oh, and here's your nose-nibble for the day") Not that I minded, really--it's super cute! And funny! And she only does it to me!
I started demonstrating to everyone. "Hey, did you see how Lucy sucks on the end of my nose?" Hilarity ensued.
But then her first tooth broke through the gumline. And instead of Soft Baby Gums, I felt Sharp Protruding Tooth.
Omigod, I thought. I've just asked this girl to bite my nose.
For those of you who are uninitiated, biting isn't quite so cute as gumming.
Oh, those Super-Cute Habits. They'll bite you in the, er, nose every time.


Melissa said...

Yay tooth!

(Wait, was that not the point of the post? Sorry.)

Diana said...

Ah, those pesky super-cute habits. Our latest one is "Boo." You know: "Dada?" "Yes?" "Boo" "[politely faked fear]". Repeat fifty times during a five minute car trip. Of course, at least we still have our noses. Oh wait, the nose stealing (and eating) cute-habit was learned two weeks ago. When will we ever learn?