Friday, August 24, 2007

that tooth

So about that tooth.
I knew it was coming eventually. Really I did.
Well, mostly.
See, a while ago, I read a post on some random parenting blog/site/Yahoo group where a mom was wondering if she should be worried that her child didn't have teeth. At fourteen months. And someone said, well, maybe go to the dentist.
See, that was only two months away!
Part of me wonders: what would a dentist do? I mean, do you get little tooth pliers and pull them down like blinds? Or just take x-rays to confirm that yes, in fact, there are little tooth seedlings germinating?
Luckily, I don't have to find out now!

Now that she has a tooth, Lucy and I are back on the playing field with the Ginger competition. See, my friend Abi's daughter is five days younger than Lucy. Which makes them great ages for comparison.
For a while, Lucy was just slightly ahead of Ginger. She stopped taking her third nap first, and crawled first, and was just generally more advanced. I felt very magnanimous about it, like Oh, well, it's not that important...Ginger will catch up soon. Besides, these developmental milestones don't mean anything!
Then Ginger started eating, standing, signing, waving goodbye, and getting her first teeth. Yes, people, plural: teeth.
Suddenly I wasn't feeling so magnanimous. Developmental milestones don't mean anything...unless you're behind.
Okay, I'm kidding. Really, I'm kidding.
It kind of bothered me that I noticed/cared/observed that I might care if I let myself.
So I'm glad to have made up some ground.

I think I'm going to get Lucy some leg braces so she can catch up on the walking part.
Or maybe just some dentures.
Perhaps I have to go to the pediatric dentist after all.

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Melissa said...

Better get her some orthopedic shoes. Oh, and flashcards! Obviously she needs flashcards.

And is there any chance you can get her playing a musical instrument in the next six months?