Thursday, October 11, 2007

conscious consumer meme

Aaaah! A meme! That requires thoughtful posting.
Thanks a lot, Megan.
Fine print:

Here’s how it works: post the directions on your blog, tell everyone who tagged you, answer the questions, and tag five or more people. That’s it! And if you want to grab the graphic to put on your blog as well, feel free.

The purpose of this meme is to inspire some reflection about how we shop and what we purchase. The idea isn’t that consumption itself is somehow bad, but that we all could probably stand to put a little bit more thought into what we buy. And, of course, it’s supposed to be fun.

So here goes! Pick a recent shopping trip — for clothes, shoes, groceries, doesn’t matter. The only guideline is that it will be easier to play if you purchased at least a few things.

Now tell us, about your purchases:

1. What are you proud of?
2. What are you embarrassed by?
3. What do think you couldn’t live without?
4. What did you most enjoy purchasing?
5. What were you most tempted by? (This last one may or may not be an actual purchase!)

here goes. Like Megan, I haven't done much shopping lately. Have been trying to quit.
  1. Organic chicken. Man, the stuff is expensive, but after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, I just can't do the conventional stuff unless I have to. So to make up for it, I bought more beans rather than the other meat I was planning on. Aren't I green?
  2. Hmmm, embarrassment. Way too much oatmeal? My shopping trip two weeks ago was more exciting/embarrassing. I restocked on tequila and rum, and bought those strawberry fruit bars and some frozen strawberries to use as margarita mix. I shop at Henry's, and they don't have regular mixers. I think on that trip I bought some Beano, too. See, remember how I said I stocked up on beans instead of beef? Wellllll...
  3. I got some gluten-free flour that I've been using recently to make zucchini bread. When you've been wheat-free for a while, bread products are extremely exciting.
  4. I like getting things from bulk bins. Red lentils are pretty. Oh, and on a previous trip, I got Lucy some baby shampoo, and it was fun getting the nice expensive, all-natural stuff. She deserves it.
  5. I'm tempted by the Thai simmer sauces. The problem is, D doesn't like the Thai curries, and many of them contain either milk, soy or wheat. So I always put them down.
Okay, Diana!, Susan! and, um. Alegra! And Melissa! (No pesky baby excuses either, Melissa! I expect a post!) And--that's all the bloggers I know personally.

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Melissa said...


Mine's going to end up being food, too. I never shop in person for anything.