Monday, October 15, 2007

long lost

So a good friend of mine from college, Todd, that I mentioned in an earlier "religious crank" post, out of the blue contacted me the other day after way too long of us not hearing from one another. I just got the email today, but he sent it before I happened to mention him online. (creepy!)
Todd, I think you should come out of the woodwork and comment! And everyone should visit the site of his fame, T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Cause I know he hates it when I mention that. (Or secretly likes it...not sure which.) Or, visit a more glorious current site, Cockahoop. (What's up with that name, anyway?)
Welcome back, Todd.

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tODD said...

(Secretly likes it, pretends to hate it.)

1. in a state of unrestrained joy or exultation; boastfully elated: He was cock-a-hoop over his victory.
2. askew; out of kilter: He knocked his hat cock-a-hoop.
[Origin: 1520–30; orig. uncert.]

I thought those two rather different definitions described my online presence pretty well.

I was fresh out of college. I was looking for a really good unabridged dictionary, back when people looked up words in large collections of paper — the late 90s. I had some archaic words in mind that had to be in the dictionary I would buy. One of them was "cock-a-hoop" (or, as the British are more likely to spell it, "cockahoop"). In a fit of irrational exuberance (see def. 1), I bought a domain with that as its name. That was back when people didn't buy domain names.

So it goes. Thank goodness you didn't ask about The Salt Channel.