Saturday, October 13, 2007

weird things I feel guilty about

These are in no particular order:
  1. I have lots of spots on my napkins. We use cloth--go me!--and when I first got them I wasn't as spot-savvy as I am now. So they have a lot (a lot!) of spots on them. They look like the What Not To Do example from a detergent ad. And now that they already have spots on them, I don't bother dealing with new spots. What's the point?
  2. Speaking of laundry, I'm very lazy about sorting. It's kind of a Rule of Laundry that you don't put red things in with other non-red things. Me? I stick reds and pinks with darks or lights. (No, not the cherry-red in with lights...more like light pink with light, dark red with black). What's wrong with me? Of cours,e I do this because I haven't noticed a down side. My blacks haven't turned pink, and my reds haven't turned black, so who cares?
  3. I don't shave very often. I.e. hardly ever. (For too much clarification: underarms, yes. Legs? no.) Look, I'm blonde, people, and so you can hardly even see the hair! I wouldn't feel guilty about this, except D really prefers if I shave.
  4. I hardly ever wash my car. I used to somewhat occasionally, but now that I have a young lass to take care of, I don't bother. Once, in college, I went a whole semester without getting it washed (parking it outside) and my dad had to get the top of it repainted.
  5. Other car guilt: don't wash the windowsheld much, don't check oil or tires. Ack!
  6. Eleanor guilt. Oh, how we neglect our cat.
  7. Not doing the exercises the various chiropractors we've been to have given me.
  8. That picture frame in the bathroom I've been meaning to put more current pictures in? Haven't done it.
  9. I don't really listen to much music. In the car, I prefer NPR. At home, I prefer silence, except sometimes at night, some quiet music. I like music, in theory. Just listen to. Isn't music like something you're supposed to like?
  10. Shouldn't I care more about my personal appearance? I mean, I try to look put together, but I really don't care about shoes, or handbags. I like sweaters and hats. But other than that? It's handy not to care about clothes too much when you're a cheapskate, but sometimes I feel like I should be more, well, chic. So I do my hair funny and call it a day.
  11. I'm somewhat bad at choosing movies. This is especially bad because I'm in charge of setting up our Netflix queue. Well, actually, not in charge, per se, but the one who thinks to go and add movies. But I feel bad when Dyami asks what we have to watch for the weekend, and it's an old episode of Fame and a documentary about credit card debt.
  12. And the biggest one of all: well, I forgot. I started this post with a really good, really weird guilt, and it inspired this post, and I was all excited to really put something odd down, that shouldn't make me feel guilty at all, and instead, I forgot what it was. I guess it isn't weighing me down with anxiety, after all.


Melissa said...

Okay, let's relieve your guilt. Give Dyami #4 and #5 in exchange for you doing #3. I disagree with #10. And #12 isn't even a problem. Ta-daaa! Guilt, cut nearly in half.

Heather said...

Last time I asked D to check my tires (since I was too lazy)he did, and then two days later we realized the tires on the side he didn't check were bald and ready to explode. So....this is my problem. Neither of us are good about car maintenance. Though he _is_ better about cleaning windshields and oil.