Thursday, July 23, 2009

Further adventures of JoJo

You all remember the story of the baby possum, right? It's still pretty much Lucy's favorite story, but as good stories do, it has been enlarged and mythologized. I thought I'd share some of the recent iterations for your enjoyment.

--In which the baby possum's name is JoJo, and she lives with us while trying to make it big as a singer-songwriter. She comes to us from New York with her guitar, but ends up leaving when Eleanor, in a fit of rage over stolen food, sends the remote control car after her. Then Jojo goes out to the backyard to find her mommy and daddy.

--In which JoJo and the Caliri family and Eleanor all join in the local parade, get our own float, which has a big sign: "Featuring Jojo, the guitar-playing baby possum!"

--In which JoJo sees a hot-air balloon and convinces us to try it out. So we all go for a ride, after promising that JoJo and Eleanor won't scratch the balloon and thus send us plummetting to our deaths. Lucy was a little scared when the balloon took off, but JoJo held her and made her feel better.

--In which JoJo sees an ad for a battle of the bands. She gathers her animal friends into a band: Eleanor on drums, Freddy Frog on bass, Henrietta Hippo on vocals, and Lucy (not an animal) on piano. They practice hard for six weeks, perfecting some hits, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Human. Then they enter in the "All-Animal and Little Girl Band" category and take the competition by storm.

What's next, JoJo? Politics? Honorary Doctorates? Reality TV?


Rob said...

JoJo's Adventures - In which Heather takes all of these ideas and creates an award winning childrens book series.

Heather said...

thanks! Though I should explain that Dyami is coming up with all of these stories, not me. Perhaps it could be a collaboration.