Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We have many puppets. Lucy prefers that we give them all names and distinct voices and remember those voices consistently, which is above my skill level.

Julia, however, just wants to hug them. Briefly.

She brings me a puppet: an angel fingerpuppet, say. Then she shoves it onto my index finger and waves at it. I wiggle the finger. She laughs, and cradles the little angel in her arms, hugging it (even though it's far to small to get much huggage).

My heart melts. Because the baby is hugging the tiny little sweet angel puppet!

Then, she lets go, smiles and waves again, then signs "All done", pulls the angel off, and throws it on the floor.

Then she goes and gets the next puppet.

Surely, a puppet is just a puppet, right? And not a symbol for her approach to love/affection/relationships? Right?

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