Thursday, February 10, 2011

building a better bedtime

Objectively, bedtime is pretty cool. Snuggles, reading, stories, lullabye.
Except. By seven-thirty, I am done. I am ready for the routine to be as simple as possible, and from experience, I know that when we do something once, it will be part of the routine from then on.

So I have kind of a blanket resistance to anything that might complicate or add to the routine.
Even if it is so sweet, so cute, and downright tempting.

For example: "Mama, I look at the stars while I go to the bathroom! See! I see stars and all the beautiful lights."
(Patient Mommy: Ahhhh, she's connecting with the night sky! Lovely!) (Not so patient mommy: Is it just me, or is she going to do this every night? (Answer: yes.))
Another example: "Mama, I'm so tired, you're going to have to carry me to bed!"
(Patient Mommy: Ah, another chance to snuggle!) (Not-so-Patient: Just move already!)

Ah, dear child, carry you? Yes. Look at the stars with you? Of course. Admire the moon's course across the sky together? Anytime!
Just not at bedtime.

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