Thursday, February 3, 2011

the creepiest fairy tale ever...and that's saying something

Street musicians? Usually, I love 'em.
Today, 60-ish bearded man played flute
while children frolicked at the playground.
Not sitting on a bench--no.
Walking around, swings to jungle gym,
watching all the children watch him.

I didn't want to feel nervous,
(music is lovely at sunset, no?)
hated feeling nervous, but did anyway.

After three songs, I noticed something:
he seemed to belong to one toddler.
Immediately, I felt better. Even so:
I wanted to ask him, what gives?
Please, wear matching clothes or something.

To sum up: when choosing instruments,
please don't mimic the Pied Piper.


Melissa said...

Advice to remember, today and always.

2bdancing said...

that is a little weird.
one time we were at the park and my husband was waiting in the car while the kid and I played. after a bit he got out the camera to take some pics of us. I realized after a while that it might appear to be some dude with a camera taking pictures of kids and hiding? in his car. it's a strange world we live in

Ms. Monet said...

We once saw a "jester" at some kids' fair and he was weird and sad. No one really found him funny and he was just floundering. Painful.

kate said...

this made me laugh...and sigh. sometimes you must trust your gut!

melgallant said...

LOL - so glad a toddler claimed him! Wow - a bit weird indeed.