Sunday, February 27, 2011

new glasses

We've lived for about a year in a rental in a fun neighborhood not far from the ocean. It was hard for me to leave the house I lived in as a newlywed, birthed our babies in, and enjoyed for eight years, but now that I live in a walkable neighborhood, it's also hard to think about moving back to a place where you have to get in your car to buy a newspaper, much less go out to dinner.

But. The place we currently rent has no yard. Well, okay, it has a narrow strip of walkway leading straight to a busy street, and a back patio cluttered with bikes and boxes, accessible only through a not-so-safe garage.

"We love it," I kept saying, to people asking about our move. "But no yard? With kids? I'm not sure this can be long-term."

And then, nearly a year in, Dyami and I squinted a bit, and tilted our heads to one side, and thought:

What if we decide the patio is big enough? What if we buy doorstops to create easy access through the garage? What if we put up a gate to keep kids away from saws and box cutters? What if we get a play house or some garden boxes or a work bench, something to make the patio fun?

It's amazing, opening our eyes to what we have, rather than regretting what's not there.

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