Tuesday, May 22, 2007

general awesomeness

Dyami and I on the floor, entertaining Lucy:
Me: I want to go blog.
D: Okay.
Me: Except I have to think of a topic.
D: What about how awesome your husband is?
Me: Hmmm. Any specific ways is he awesome?
D: No, just general awesomeness.
Me: Hmmm. Okay. Take the baby.
D: What! No, wait. I was kidding! Sigh.

Ways Dyami is Awesome.
1) Okay, his name is Dyami Zed. 'Nuff said.
2) Last night, after a few too many wakeups, he said, "You should go in the other bedroom to sleep. I would hate to have you move her to her bed and have her wake up again. I'll sleep with her." She wiggled all night. I love this man.
3) He's a very good breakdancer. Ask him to moonwalk for you. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
4) He taught me how to entertain little kids. Sample: when a child counts to five in Spanish, waiting for validation, you say, "Hmmm. Did you say apple, banana, cherry, pinapple, papaya? No? Oh! You must have said, Kangaroo, dog, goldfish, ox, rhino." Etcetera.
5) He rides his bike to work to save energy. And wanders our house saying, "What other things can we do to save energy and eliminate waste?"
6) He thinks the "Evil" level Sudoku puzzles he gets off the Internet are easy.
7) He once wrote an email to the CEO of his old company, cc-ing his boss, saying that he felt honor-bound to let the CEO know that their main product sucked, and that he had grave concerns about the direction of the company. Then he sat down in a meeting with the CEO/his boss and explained all those things. He was not fired. The CEO just explained why their company did, in fact, suck (hint: they wanted to get bought out in a massive IPO, five years after the dot-com bubble broke).
8) He likes helping people. He wrote custom software for his brother to help him shoot a stop-motion animated commercial. And re-wrote it again. And re-wrote it. He also wrote a program (taking a month of free time) for a friend of ours so our friend wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn every week to stare at a computer screen for an auction he needed to bid on for his job.
9) He's speedy! He plays soccer and darts around the field. He's so fast it looks like he's in two places at once!
10) He manages to acquire new skills easily. Need a closet installed? Dyami will draw up plans in Visio and figure out how to do it. New fireplace? No problem. He looks up how to take down a gigantic mirror adhered to the wall (it involved a lot of duct tape, then smashing the mirror and peeling off the jagged pieces), cuts the tile himself and refurbishes the rusted grating.
11) He has better grammar than I do. Like he knows actual grammatical rules. And when his company asks him to review web pages, promotional materials and such, he makes comments like, "What type of audience are you trying to aim this brochure at?" or, "This sentence is ambiguous as written." or "These navigation bars aren't clear. I don't know where I'll navigate when I click Healthcare or Business." People. This guy is a computer programmer.
12) Smart as he is, I still beat him in Scrabble. Well, okay, not last game.

Okay, enough embarrassing Dyami. Our baby is getting just a touch fussy.


Melissa said...

Go Dyami!

(Now I'm never going to manage to post this because I can't tell if the word verification has a 'd' or a 'cl.' Yeesh.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I "never" read blogs. Can't toally explain why. But while I was "never" reading yours, Heather, I learned a lot about your husband. And you know what I think? I think I'm in love. How sick did you say you were?...Ach, a very happy B-Day to you and lots of healing love too. I won't tell you what my friends told me on my crappy 30th: "This is the best looking and healthist you'll ever be."
Boy were they wrong!