Friday, May 25, 2007

turning thirty

The cool thing about turning thirty today is that because it's such an important birthday, I get a free pass from the hard work of motherhood, and can just enjoy my baby while someone else takes care of her while she's cranky from not sleeping much last night. I especially appreciated that last night, when someone else woke up with her every half-hour until two. And someone else also gets to suffer from my blossoming cold that's keeping me indoors and might otherwise put the kaibosh on the fun plans I had for today.

Oh, wait.


Melissa said...

Oh dear! Well, happy birthday anyhow. Maybe Lucy will just sleep all day to make up for last night.

Michelle said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! You can come party at my 40th though:) It will be 6/24 at the beach...the more the merrier.

Happy 30th you youngin you!