Tuesday, May 8, 2007

miracles upon miracles

It is eight pm. I am in Ojai, in the chicken coop. I am typing. I have just finished a leisurely brownie, and some seltzer water. I am relaxed.
My baby is sleeping in the other room, and she might even stay asleep.

Let's pause for a moment to just savor those two paragraphs.


This is such a different experience than last time, I can hardly believe it. Last time we arrived (trip was fine) and Lucy had about three major meltdowns between arrival and bedtime (which was another meltdown). This is a baby that doesn't melt down very often. Then we didn't sleep the whole night.
The rest of the trip was less eventful, but not super-relaxing.

In contrast, today we drove (drove! imagine!) three hours with only maybe a half-hour of fussiness, total. The rest of the time she was either happy or asleep! (We stopped several times along the way, but all things considered, the trip didn't take us that long)
She had no meltdowns. She had minor fussiness and shyness at Nana and Poppa's house (my in-laws). She got mildly fussy a bit after bedtime and then fell asleep pretty easily.
Best news: she is now in her hammock bed (which we brought along, a major reason we drove) and so she is in a familiar place! So she might even stay asleep tonight!
I know, I know, it's such a crazy concept, I can hardly believe it myself.

A major weight has been taken off of my shoulders.
In other good news, my fabulous husband got me an hour massage today with a great person here in Ojai. Which helped with the relaxing.
And my fabulous mom-in-law made us brownies. Gluten-free. Does she love me, or what?
Speaking of which, I'm going to go have another one. And then I'm going to relax some more.

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Melissa said...


Go eat more brownies. Again. Hey, maybe there's a novel to be written about brownies... maybe not.