Thursday, May 24, 2007

the template

Here's the deal. Now I regularly read two blogs that had exactly the same template as mine. Well, except for my fancy font-switch in the sidebar. Actually, that was pretty much the same, too.
So. A new template, that better reflects my uniqueness, in a sort of pre-packaged way.
In other news, we bought Lucy a new carseat today. We did it without too much discussion (I'd heard several great reviews of this particular brand, so we just went for it). But I realized after the fact that she will no longer be in the bucket-you-can-transport-between-cars model, which means we will be in my little civic a lot more. I think Dyami will be bummed. He likes his car.
So new template, new carseat. Whoa, are we renegades.


Melissa said...

Very renegade-y.

Brighter Schemata said...

we have a sit & stroll we use for lauren in ryan's car and plan to use when we fly this summer. we like it. it's not as highly rated for safety as the britax in my car but she's only in ryan's maybe 10% of the time and it's really portable to grandparents' cars, etc. since it's not the kind that you install in one car, you instead adjust the seat belt across it each time.