Wednesday, April 6, 2011

an adventure

So we did it. We packed up our car, hired a housesitter, drove north, and are staying in my husband's home town for the month of April. We rented a small (lovely) house out among some trees, and are living a pared down existence for a few weeks close to my in-laws and Lucy's cousins.

We left behind toys and clothes and extra rooms, and are making do with:
-three rooms, total (though it's a pretty spacious smallness).
-one very large backyard
-crayons, watercolors, paper
-potholder loom
-fairy dolls
-scissors, tape, glue
-pail, shovel
-as many books as we can get from the library

So far, so good. I think the play has been more involved than average with 1% of our toys and supplies. Shall I do another purge when we get home?

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