Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter: the aftermath

I like Easter. As a Christian, it's an astounding holiday. As a churchgoer, I like Ash Wednesday better (fewer people, and the service is usually a little more focused on God then proving how cool the church is to all of the visitors).
Howver, I've not done much easter celebrating (kid-style) since I was a kid. So:

We decorated eggs with cousins and hid them around our yard-away-from-home on Sunday:
Lucy had fun finding them.

And then we had two dozen hard boiled eggs and a three hour drive ahead of us.
I hate waste, but we threw away a lot of eggs. Those I could, I ate and I saved the shells. Which I put into a baggie.
Then, we made a little collage this morning. Which brings me to my question:
That little rubbery skin that makes the shell stick together? What is that exactly? Will it rot if you attach it to paper with glue? Or is it benign?
The collages were fun, but not terribly beautiful. Eggshell (with or without the rubbery skin) is not easy to work with.
And now Easter is over, except for some strawberry/Easter baskets and some toffee.
Next year, I'm hoping to have the chance to go to all of the Lenten/Holy Week services, and get more into the Easter service. So that I can have my egg dyeing and my contemplation too.


Todd said...

I wanted to know, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, but all they say there is that eggs have an "outer membrane" and an "inner membrane". Which doesn't tell me much.

I did, however, find this absolutely fascinating picture of an egg soaked in vinegar for 48 hours so that the shell dissolved, leaving just the membranes holding everything inside. Freaky!

Heather said...

I knew I could count on you for solid research, Todd.
As for the picture: *cough* homeschool project! *cough*.