Wednesday, April 20, 2011

music appreciation

Being that we're in a small town for a while, the radio options are limited. I usually listen to NPR, but no reception. So: yesterday on a longish drive, I turned on the classical station.

Usually, Lucy tells me to turn down NPR, so when she told me to turn it up, I did.

We listened to various pieces I wasn't familiar with. I asked her what each piece made her feel, what instruments she recognized. She liked the more classical stuff, and did not like a contemporary piano quartet piece. I told her a story (vaguely Firebird-esque) to another piece that was slightly lyric and spooky.

Not once did either of us get sick of it.

When we get home, I might start listening to classical, and not just the news. Less fighting, more soul. For both of us.

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