Saturday, April 2, 2011

let's try for a different kind of exciting

1. The sudden unexplained crying in the library. When explained, it turns out that the oldest's mild cough/runny nose is now a full-blown ear infection. That does not initially respond to Tylenol, rest, or even offers of toast with jam.
2. Trying out a new-to-us trampoline, I gently bounce the younger one while holding her hands. Once! (laughter) Twice! (laughter) Three times! (A scream, falling over, then crying, also pointing to her leg and saying ouch)
This was followed by more crying, and when it starts, a limp. A newly walking child should not have a limp. It should not be allowed, especially when it is My Fault.

A few doses of Tylenol later, also after some sleep and a call to my nurse sister-in-law, and the excitement seems to be over. Hopefully for a few days.

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