Thursday, June 10, 2010

check out my guns

How much can I possibly lift?
One baby. One sweatshirt. Diaper bag.
Keys, water bottle, red insulated cup.
Carrier holding baby makes: seven things.

And: Don't forget the two futures,
tiny throbbing hearts, soft sweet breath,
hands clenched around toys, flowers, snacks,
Millions of words not yet learned.

No wonder my muscles got strong.

Six Word Fridays brought to you by Melissa at Making Things Up! Come celebrate brevity with us!


Melissa said...

Holding half the world right there!
No bathrooms or trash cans, though.
Leaves something to aspire to. Possibly.

Diana said...

So beautiful, H! I often forget the intangibles when so weighed down by everything else. And no, not six words. This week, not possible.