Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today is Six-Word Friday, inspired by Melissa of Making Things Up. Today's topic: messages.

My inbox has three unread messages.
Each one is from, well, myself.
Each empty but for the subject:
"The Mario Cart Cure," "Missing Neighbors."
"Trust for sleep"---each a reminder:
Essay ideas I will someday write.

But, for now, I choose this:
Write six words, make them exist.

I will start small, be patient,
And trust God for the rest.


Melissa said...

well done indeed, my messaging friend.

start here. one first step. begin.
have faith: "the rest" will amaze.

postmommy said...

I should start sending messages, too.
Because I think of things often
But then I forget them again
Before I have time to write.