Sunday, June 27, 2010

I like my men like Elmer's glue

Lucy wanted to make a butterfly today. She'd made one at church with an egg carton body, pipe cleaners pushed through for antennae and construction paper wings. So I drew her some wings, cut out some egg carton bumps and got down the pipe cleaners.
But she wanted a bigger, better butterfly.
1. The pipe cleaners were going to have fuzzy little puffs on the end! Which she was going to attach with Elmer's glue!
2. She wanted to attach the very wobbly egg carton segment by herself. With Elmer's glue!

I mean, I like Elmer's glue, but I was skeptical. There was not much for either item to adhere to. The church crafters used a hot glue gun to attach the body. And the puff balls on top of pipe cleaners? Please!

So I told her I didn't think it would work, but that she was welcome to try.

Then I sat back and watched her do both jobs successfully with Elmer's glue.

Which brings me to two points:
1. Why did I bother telling her it wasn't possible? Because I clearly didn't know what I was talking about.
2. Elmer's glue: versatile, strong, and um, crafty.

So I like my men sort of like Elmer's glue.


Melissa said...

Also messy! And... you know, I think I'll stop right there.

Heather said...

Why did you make me go there? Why?