Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's like magic

Yesterday, we took a trip to Target to pick up about eight things. Halfway through, Lucy requested some flip-flops, which I'd been telling her we'd buy for her. So. We found some flip-flops, and resumed our journey through the store.
When we got out to the car, however, and she asked to put on her new, exciting flip-flops, I discovered that they were not in the bag o'purchases. Inexplicably. Since a meltdown threatened, we returned to the store to find yet another pair.
New flip-flops were quickly found and purchased, and we returned home.
Whereupon I discovered that the other four items I'd placed in the cart before the flip-flops were also not in the bag.
The obvious explanation was that I somehow switched carts when we were trying on flip-flops.
Except. I think Lucy was only out of the cart for about thirty seconds while we tried on the shoes, and the cart was right next to us.
So. How did I switch carts without switching kids too?

Wait. Perhaps I need to take another lookat the impish kid eating oatmeal at our table.

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