Thursday, August 19, 2010


My parents volunteered: watch both girls.
Two hours: I drop off/pickup.

Dropoff. Exchange cars with the carseats.
In their car, I dream big:
Lunch, nap, clean. Relax, read, tea.
Home! Pause. The garage door opener?

In my car. With my purse.
And the cellphone. #$@$. @%%*&. %$#^.

Returning to their house, revising plan:
Get keys. Drive home (again). Lunch.
Look at clock. Get my girls.

What is it they say again?
The best laid plans...ah, well.

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Melissa said...

Oh no! Best laid plans... well...
At least lunch was peacefully quiet?

(I could totally have done that.
Forgotten the keys, purse, wallet, etc...
Everything necessary for even minor fun!)

Heather said...

Quiet, yes. Also pretty darn rushed.
But I did clean the floors.
Vacuuming solo can be a privilege.

Elle said...

Found your blog through Melissa Love this post, love your blog! ;)

Heather said...

thanks, Elle! welcome!

Anonymous said...

That would totally happen to me!