Monday, August 23, 2010

too many projects

Every once in a while, my good intentions catch up to me.
I like a good project to sink my teeth into, challenge myself, improve things around the house.
Except starting them is just a little easier than finishing.
Here's a list of on-going projects. Perhaps listing them might make me more likely to finish?

  1. Frame Lucy art and display for fun and quick (well, not so quick) home decorating! (3/4 framed, sitting on the floor)
  2. Refi house to save $$$$. I called our bank and did not get a call back. Smashing.
  3. Learn how to use coupons to save $. So far, I am doing a lot of thinking about using coupons to save $.
  4. Make a beach blanket for the summer. Hmm. I have what, fifteen days left?
  5. Finish making happy birthday banner for Lucy. A looming deadline helps.
  6. Sundry other sewing projects. Not a good sign when you can't remember what they are.
  7. Make the doll/hair that I started with Lucy. Why I let her talk me into putting hair onto a "quick" project we started together, I'll never know.
  8. Probably something else I'm forgetting.
Note to self: Do not start any other undertakings until this list is finished.

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