Thursday, August 12, 2010


Lucy is downstairs, helping "answer" the phones for our online stop motion software business. She really wanted to help. She has been answering the phones for the last half-hour. Perhaps we should pay her. Or, perhaps not:

Rinnng, rinngg.
L: Hello.
Customer*: Hello, I want to buy some software for stop motion.
L: Okay.
C: Can you help me?
L: Yes. I'm almost four.
C: And you work there? Is that legal?**
L: Yeah.
C: Can you tell me anything about the software?
L: Well, you can get it from our cabinet. And, it's kind of a CD, with movies in it about stop motion.
C: Movies? Do you have any software?
L: Uh, well, you can go to the stop motion store to get that.
C: Can you tell me anything about the software? Like, can you draw on the screen?
L: Yeah! You should come over here, to our house, and get it.
C: Where do you live?
L: Mexico.
C: Ah. Do you speak Spanish?
L: Uh-huh. Um, iewogjsdif. See?
C: Okay. Well, I'd better go.
L: Okay. How do you say goodbye in Spanish?
C: Chao.
L: Show. Goodbye.

Ie, Dyami.


Melissa said...

Hey, I'd buy something from her after that. Maybe not software, but... :)

Todd Stadler said...

She may be bending the truth. That looks more like an Argentinian dialect than Mexican Spanish.

Heather said...

She is a convincing saleslady. Just make sure you want what she's offering, and that you want to come to our house.
BTW, nice profile pic.

Heather said...

More specifically, a porteno dialect, thankyouverymuch.