Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what a difference a nap makes

another erg day. I could not think of anything to do; both girls were as cranky as I was, and I couldn't even muster the energy to leave the house. Until about 2, when Julia fell asleep, and I fell asleep, and Lucy fell asleep, all until about 3:30.
It was the longest nap any of us had had in more than two weeks, and I realized, upon waking, that it was exactly what my body had been crying out for.
Laying in bed, every bone felt heavy; when I opened my eyes, the brightness made me wince.
And then we all got up, and left for a hike in a nearby nature center. we all chirped like birds and found spider webs and lizards and butterflies, and I realized anew that it is a lot easier to parent when one is rested.
The sniffles I have had for the last three days are gone, and so is the blehness. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Jesus.

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