Thursday, August 26, 2010

still waiting

To feel confident parenting two girls,
to know how to navigate them,
their twin needs, nurse or nap,
play or discipline, older or younger.
Today, nothing went right, my attitude,
napping, speaking kindly, older biting younger.
At nine AM I was done,
with a full day left over.
I apologized for being cranky, twice.
We went for a walk, found dandelions,
veins in leafs, pine cones, clover.
We bought lemonade from our neighbors.
Not a perfect day, but survivable.
Each day is harder than expected,
but also more lovely, magical, full.
I'm waiting, but also living, now.


Elle said...

I know those days very well. They fail to mention it in baby books. ;) After only a few hours of being awake, I'll be wishing the day can fast forward. Then my 16 month old daughter does something that makes my heart melt and it's all good again.

Heather said...

Gotta love the heart-melting moments. Oh, the sweet baby cuddles, and the four-year-old enthusiasms. Lovely.