Wednesday, February 21, 2007

empty head

It took a long time to get Lucy to fall asleep tonight. While in bed, I was getting slightly (well, by the end of the nearly 2 hour process, more than slightly) annoyed by it; I had Other Things I wanted to do tonight, like write. Today, on my walk, I thought about a story I'd started BL (before Lucy) and had an idea for a new scene.
Of course, once she did go to sleep, and I came out here, got a glass of wine, and sat down at my computer, my brain was empty.
The other day, I managed to write a pretty good poem--this was my first bit of super creative writing in a while. It felt really good. But I'm tired tonight, worn down by the day (she got pretty cranky at the end of the day, and I was really ready for her to go to bed, and then it took several frustrating attempts to get her actually asleep). All of my creativity has been drained out of me.
So I decided to whine here.
Plus it's Ash Wednesday, and Dyami's playing bass at our church, and it's always a very meaningful service, and I can't be there.
Plus when I was in bed getting Lucy asleep, I thought I heard robbers in the house. I got really scared (seriously, there's not a lot more more vulnerable than being in bed with your sweet baby). I went to check out the noise once I got Lucy settled. It was the cat. Don't know how she made said noises (they weren't recognizably hers), but everything was still here, the house was empty, and the doors locked. Gosh, I hate being scared in the house by myself at night.
Plus Lucy is making all kinds of noises and sounds about ready to wake up again. Sigh.
Whine + wine = blogging.

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