Tuesday, February 6, 2007

sore neck

I have a sore neck.
One would think this would have happened sooner, considering how hard motherhood is on one's body. I see why people say it's good to have kids at 21. My body was so much more resilient at 21.
Here's how it happened: I saw a man fall on the subway tracks, so I leapt down to save him, and jarred my neck pulling him out of the way of the train.
Okay, so what really happened is I slept on my stomach. One night.
This is pretty unfair. I mean, how many people sleep on their stomachs with no problems? I do it, and I get whiplash.
So for about three weeks or more I've been almost unable to turn my head to the left, or tilt it to the side. This makes driving difficult.
And then there's the little matter of the sling.
See, I use a sling a lot. Lucy naps in it, for example, when I'm out of the house.
Last weekend, with the sore shoulder, i put her in the sling, and I started getting a migraine. My vision started going all fuzzy before the actual headache started.
Actually it was sort of dramatic (sometimes, it's good to have dramatic symptoms, because you get more sympathy). My young friend, Master Roark Polzin, was sitting right in front of me, and I kept looking in his general direction, and wondering, "Where's Roark?" He had a bright orange shirt on, too.
Then I had to go home and lay down in a very dark room.

That was the last time I went out on the town with Lucy. No more grocery shopping with her, taking her to Nature's Mother for bible study, or going to playgroup.
I was already a recluse. Now I am a hermit.
I think I need to invest in a hair shirt.


Melissa said...

Mmmmmmm, hair shirt. Sooooo fashionable.

Susan said...

I think I may have one you can borrow!