Thursday, February 15, 2007


So Lucy has a new skill. It's pretty exciting. She can push up on hands and knees. Crawling is going to follow, sooner than I think.
Right now she's pretty mobile, and her "dangerous things" magnet is pretty strong. In other words, she's skooching along the floor, and what does she go for? Here's a list:
1. Power cords. Especially the slightly sickly one on my computer (wrapped with electrical tape).
2. Somewhat shaky media center, featuring the collapsed back panel, malfunctioning swivel feature, sideways shearing, and the easily opened glass doors with poky corners.
3. CD tower that, when she's a little bigger, she could tip over on top of herself. Along with all of the CDs.
4. The cat. There have been a few rather nerve-wracking Eleanor v. Lucy moments, where Lucy gives the cat her most winning smile and Eleanor hisses. Anybody need a cat?
Dyami and I need to do some serious baby proofing. I'm trying to avoid the impulse to cover everything in bubble wrap; surely some element of difficulty is good for her. She has to learn physical consequences eventually, right? Though Eleanor would look good in bubble wrap.
My bro- and sis- in law lived with my in-laws for a while, in the chicken coop. Apparently they didn't even cover the outlets. Aren't you required to in your parenting contract? As my very chill bro-in-law, Jamie, put it, "Ava's not running around the house with metal forks a lot." It probably that they had a ratio of four adults to one toddler in the house. Me, I don't want to depend on my child not finding the metal forks. Perhaps we'll switch to plastic.
I am much more chill than before Lucy was born, though, when I was worried about everything. Like the death-trap crib. And accidentally dislocating her leg when I lifted up her bum to change her diaper.
Babies are much, much tougher than I thought. Thank God.

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