Saturday, February 17, 2007


I'm enjoying my daughter.
Enjoyment kind of snuck up on me, hidden in between decent (more than decent) sleep on my part and new skills on hers. She's almost crawling, has mastered a mischievous look, and goes after the cat with wild abandon. And I'm lucid enough to watch.
Love was a given (thank God). Interest, a given. Enjoyment came sporadically when I was just trying to have enough energy to hold her over the sink.
The other day, while she was sleeping, Dyami imitated some of her best faces. The wide open eyes looking around. The crawling and making sure we're paying attention.
And I almost wanted to wake her up. Just to see those faces. (Almost). Of course, had we woken her up, those faces would have been hidden under the "why the hell did you just wake me up" upsetness. But still. I was actually tempted.
Praise God for enjoyment. May it come full and thick, like the ropes of drool from Lucy's mouth.

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