Monday, February 19, 2007

leaving her

So the last few days I've had some (drumroll) time to myself, out of the house, sans baby.
Lucy still eats about every hour when I'm around, but we have discovered she can go over two hours when I'm away. This is actually enough time for me to go someplace with a friend, like a restaurant, eat, chat, pay, and come back without feeling rushed. Not feeling rushed is kind of an odd, but good feeling. She hangs out with Dyami and they have a good ol' time.
So for my Saturday outing, what did I do? Went to Babies R' Us.
I know, I know, it's not very un-mommy of me, but we need a stroller and a high chair, and Target, close to our house, has a lousy selection. So my friend Helafo (Heather LaForge) came with me.
This is the first time I've been to Babies R' Us (BRU) since...hmmmm...since well before I was pregnant. I went to Toys R Us for a baby shower gift over a year ago. Does that count?
I'm actually kind of proud of myself for avoiding the place. It scares me. Rows of strollers worth hundreds (hundreds!) of dollars apiece. Flashing, beeping, jiggling, shouting toys. Coordinated fabrics on high chair, crib, bassinette, stroller, car seat, changing pad, and diaper pail. Ridiculous baby furniture (will your baby really need twelve pieces of furniture??) And everything is cross-promoted with Disney or Nickelodeon. Elmo Diapers. Dora Burp cloths. Sponge Bob Floor mats. Ugh.
There was a high chair by Fisher Price that was called the "Rainforest" chair. In the center of the tray, there was this foot tall, foot wide plastic tree with gizmogetry all over it.
Okay, people, this is a high chair. For eating. How is a kid supposed to eat if there's a toy that's bigger than her head right in the middle of the tray? And no, it didn't look removable. It is kind of like getting a plate with an LCD screen in the middle of it. So you can watch movies in between your potatoes and your green beens?
The worst part was they didn't even have the particular products I wanted to look at (high chair, strollers, Baby Bjorn Little Potty). What good is such a gigantic store if they have a lousy selection?
Boo to you, BRU. Boo to you.


Melissa said...

That place freaks me out. Haven't been there since... can't think of when. I think we needed a baby gate or something.

Susan said...

My blood pressure goes up when we pull into the parking lot. Because we have to buy (the dreaded) formula we go about once every two months or so. Every time I go I look for a highchair that is just doesn't turn into anything or light up or sing but no luck so far. We use a plastic seat that attaches to a dining chair and has a clip on tray. It is made by Fisher Price. You can come by and see it if you want.

amy said...

Two hours can be such a gift!

I like the seat that attaches to a regular chair that Susan described as well - the Right Start in the Carlsbad outlets has them and is a little less over the top than BRU.

But I had to get the Bjorn potty online, couldn't find it anywhere else. Good luck!