Tuesday, February 13, 2007

fancy technoblogger

So Pro Mommy emails me and asks if I knew I could have my comments emailed to me, instead of having to navigate through three pages every time I want to see whether my myriads of readers (well, just Pro Mommy) have left a comment.
Oh--um, sure I knew that. Of course I did! What, do I look dumb or unsavvy or something? (Furiously clicking to the "Settings" page, finding the email notifier, typing in my address). Ahem. What were we talking about again?
While I was changing my settings, I noticed that there is also a setting to allow unregistered users to comment. Which was switched off. And actually, I have one other friend who actually reads this thing, but is not a user, so now maybe she'll leave me comments. Pretty please, Amy? Comeon, I'll bribe ya!
So it's a free-for-all, people. Comment away!


Heather said...

is myriad already plural?

amy said...

Ha ha! So glad I can leave comments now. Congratulations on the article being published - and wow, your spreadsheet sounds pretty intense.

Melissa said...

Those settings! There's more there than meets the eye, I'll tell ya. Though my eyes glaze over when I click anywhere in that section, so I guess that's not saying much.

Also, just to make your life more fun:

jeanie said...

Hey there - the worst bit I find about Blogger is not that you have to click somewhere to be notified yourself, but that if you comment somewhere it disappears into cyberspace and you have to manually check if a response has been made to your comment!!! You know, like has she come through on the bribe?

Susan said...

You know I read you every day Heather. My hands are usually too full of wild children to be able to type a comment. At this very moment I am paying $25 per hour for some one to sit on my children and free up my hands!

Heather said...

wow! I feel so loved! and read!

Brighter Schemata said...

hi heather,
you don't know me but i found your blog and have been enjoying reading it. i also have a baby daughter who just turned 1 so i can really relate to a lot of your writing. the reason i found it is that i googled dyami to see what interesting things he's been up to. i used to be friends with him from the dorms at ucsd and lost touch. please tell him that brigitta says hello and that i'm glad he's doing so well. what a beautiful daughter lucy is! and you seem great, too! :) best wishes, brigitta (brigitta@gmail.com)