Thursday, February 1, 2007

it's a boy

So my friend Hack Mommy has been over the past few days with her kids.
Having them around makes me really excited to have Lucy grow up a little more. Little kids (and bigger ones) are so cute.
First off, I have a lending library now! Abby borrowed books at my urging a few days ago, and when she came back yesterday, she brought two back. She said, "I brought these back so I can borrow two more."
Hee hee. Apparently we have a four-book limit at my library. I might have to get a card catalog.
Then, Owen, the three-year-old, has decided that Dyami and I have a son that's a few years older than Lucy. He keeps pointing at things, and saying, "That's their little boy's."
His logic is impeccable: he told their mom, "Lucy can't be the oldest. The baby isn't the oldest."

Wow! It's so clear, now!

So we have some child making to catch up on. According to Owen.

I'm kidding. Man, am I kidding. I'm still reeling from the one child.
Despite the cuteness of my kid friends.


Melissa said...

We'll just keep coming over until you think you ALREADY have more kids. Then you'll be set to go.

Owen suspects Dyami takes your boy child to work. Owen always wants to go to work, and Dane never takes him.

Heather said...

I knew Dyami was hiding something from me! He's been taking lunch to work lately--and that paper sack is big enough to hold more than lunch! So suspicious!